Chinese Checkers Rules

Chinese chequers is an extremely popular board game played by kids. It is a great play to kill the leisure time of your kids. There are many versions of this game, but we have shared here the rules of the most modern version of Chinese checkers. The game is played since many years in most of the countries of the world. The hexagram shaped wooden or plastic board is used to play the best card game. Each player is given a corner of the star known as his/her home. The game is played to race our pieces towards the home of the opposite player. Moves can be single step or can be jumped over the other pieces on the way.

The method and rules of Chinese chequers are very simple. Hence, it is easy to follow the game for the kids. Each of the home on the Chinese checker board has ten holes. The differently coloured set of pegs are used to fill the board and home with the peg holes. The home at each triangular point also has a different colour corresponding to the colour of the set of pegs. Monopoly card game rules also popular among kids.

Chinese Checkers Rules

How to Play Chinese Checkers

The Chinese checkers can be played by two to six players. Players mutually agree about who will make the first move. Or toss a coin to decide the player who will move first. Each player makes a move using his how marble or peg. The move is made into the adjacent hole or if there is a peg/marble, it can be jumped over. Pegs can be jumped over in any direction. Pegs are moved towards the home of the opposite player. Gradually, a player tries to move all his pegs or marble into the home of the opponent. Hopping over is permitted to repeat if there is a peg on the way. The player who occupies the opponent’s home with all his pegs, wins the game. The canasta card game is also best game and kids like this type of games.

If the game is being played by more than two players, there is a winner, first runner-up, and second runner-up. The player who is unable to occupy other’s home losses the game.